FLIR Firefly S C mount
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            The FLIR Firefly® S offers the essential imaging... more
Product information "FFY-U3-16S2C-C"


The FLIR Firefly® S offers the essential imaging capabilities you need into an ultra-compact body. Its small size, low power consumption and light weight make it ideal for embedding in portable devices. The Firefly S combines powerful camera functions with the latest CMOS sensors and therefore offers very good Price-performance ratio.

For this camera model Eureca offers many accessories as for example:

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Camera series: Firefly S
Megapixel: 1.6
Sensor Size: 1/2.9"
Color type: Color
Resolution: 1440 × 1080
Pixel size: 3.45 µm
Sensor: Sony IMX296
Sensor Type: CMOS
ADC: 10-bit
Frame rate: 60 fps
Shutter type: Global
Interface: USB3 Vision v1.0
Lens mount: C
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