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  • 06.17.0020
     High resolution r uggedized  industrial lens for machine... more
Product information "LM35HC-V"




High resolution ruggedized industrial lens for machine vision applications    

  • developed for 5MP cameras with sensors sizes of 1" and pixel sizes from 5.0μm
  • suitable for modern CMOS cameras as e.g. using the sensors  IMX174/IMX249 (Sony) or CMV4000 (CMOSIS)  and many more
  • an improved optical system provides very good brightness also in the peripheral areas

The lenses of this series were specially designed to be used in applications with strong vibrations and shock. A lock nut is used instead of screws 
to fix the focus and all inner glass elements are glued to increase the stability.

We recommend this lenses to be used with the FLIR machine vision cameras from our portfolio.


Format: 1"
Lens Type: Fixed Focal Lens
Focal Length: 35mm
Mounting Type: C
Aperture: 1,4 - 16
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